Brian & Deralee

Brian & Deralee at Helen's NYE party
Richard's Party

Gentlemen guests at Richard's animal charity fundraiser party
Richard's Party

Party mode at Richard's animal charity fundraiser party
Richard's Party

Enjoying the day
Richard's Party

Pretty in pink

Steve livens the party up

Over 5000 network members since 26/05/2000!


Singles Networking is:-

- a good alternative to the pub and bar scene

- a great way to meet new friends of both sexes

- generally inexpensive

- more reliable than dating-specific events.

- you don't have to be there to find a new partner

- offers a wide range of events to choose from


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Rock & Roll With Gareth

West Lakes Tennis Club
21 Edwin Street, West Lakes

Wednesday Nights
7.30 PM.
Rock & Roll Dance Lessons. Cost $5. Learn Gareth's light-arm style of Rock 'n' Roll.
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Gareth & Jeryl

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What exactly is Going Places With Gareth?
Going Places With Gareth is a series of events designed to allow single people over 35 years of age to meet and enjoy each others' company in a relaxed, informal environment. Since it's inception in May 2000, around 3500 people have become involved. Many of these have met new partners through attending the wide range of activities. The email program is forwarded to approximately 1000 people every week. If you're single in Adelaide and looking for something to do then its for you. You could meet new friends, perhaps even that special someone, or just enjoy good company while you have a great time. Gareth holds a bistro dinner at a hotel usually near the city almost every week. You simply pay for your meal and drinks at normal hotel prices. You must book to attend or a place for you cannot be guaranteed. There are many other functions on the program for you to enjoy. Contact gareth for more information, or use the response form to place yourself on the subscription list for the weekly eNewsletter, which gives you the updated events calendar delivered to your in-box. See the events calendar for details of functions.

2. Do I have to join a group or club of some sort?
Going Places With Gareth is not a club so there is no requirement to be a member of an entity. All functions advertised in this web site and in the weekly e-mail program are public functions so anyone may attend. Any variations from this for any reason would be plainly stated in the events details, although so far it has never happened.

3. What is the age group of attendees?
Mainly 40 to 60 with the average age around 50. There are some under 40 and some over 60. Different functions might attract different age groups. Younger people will find that the Saturday night dance parties have more attendees around their own age.

4. What sort of people will I meet?
Going Places With Gareth functions are now well known in Adelaide as the events to attend in order to meet a very good quality of people. This does not necessarily mean thet they professional or well-to-do people, but they are generally friendly, well-behaved and well-dressed people who are extremely receptive to newcomers. This has come about because the network has grown mainly through word of mouth and people recommend others to attend who they would personally like to socialise with.

5. What is the ratio of females to males?
There are many more single women in Adelaide than single men, so it is natural that in a reputable, safe and friendly singles network there will be more women. No-one can change the statistics. Different functions attract different sexes. A movie night might attract more women. A barbecue and house party might attract more men to even up the numbers.

6. What do functions cost to attend?
Each function organiser sets the entry cost for their own functions. Many events on the program are free, such as beach walks, bush walks, picnics etc. Dance parties generally have an entry cost and this is stated in the events detail statement. At dinners, movies etc you pay for your own meal and tickets. At some functions such as the Friday Night Dinners and Drinks and Chat Sessions a $3 cover charge has recently been introduced to help cover costs. This has been on an honorary basis as a hotel is a public place which anyone may attend without entry cost, but people are reminded of the enormous time and the material cost required to run the network. A conscientious approach will help us to keep going strong.

7. What about security of my information?
In order to subscribe to the events program you need to supply a first name and surname for identification within our own systems to avoid confusion e.g. knowing that "Anne" and "Paul" are coming to a function is of little help if we need to change something because there are a great many "Anne"s and "Paul"s. Also with a surname we can avoid double-booking of people for a function - something that was previously a chronic problem. To attend Gareth's functions a contact phone number of some sort is preferred. Although rare, it has been neccessary to cancel or change a function at short notice before. All information held is strictly confidential and will not be made available to third parties for any reason.

8. What if I want to contact someone I have met within the network?
Gareth will pass a message on if he feels it is appropriate. No contact details will be given out without specific permission from the person involved. People are reminded also that it is their obligation not to attempt to gain contact details except from the person they wish to contact.

Set your social life on fire! Dining, Dancing, Beach Walks, Bush Walks, Movies, Parties, Barbecues, Picnics, Theatre etc. Its all on for singles in Adelaide. Find out where on these pages!

Sandy and Annette
Annette & Sandy were guests at Helen's Party