Brian & Deralee

Brian & Deralee at Helen's NYE party
Richard's Party

Gentlemen guests at Richard's animal charity fundraiser party
Richard's Party

Party mode at Richard's animal charity fundraiser party
Richard's Party

Enjoying the day
Richard's Party

Pretty in pink

Steve livens the party up

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Gareth & Jeryl

Richard's Animal Charity Fundraiser
22nd March 2009


On Sunday 22nd March 2009 Richard raised $485 for animal charities.

His wonderful entertainer's backyard at Edwardstown has long been the scene of fabulous gatherings of single people in Adelaide.

Having been a volunteer at the Adelaide Zoo he is an enthusiastic supporter of animal charities. He has combined his two passions of socialising and caring for animals by holding a series of animal charity fundraiser parties.

Guests make a small contribution to attend, currently $7. All money is donated, most of it going to the Adelaide Zoo and some to the Chinese Moon Bear Rescue appeal, helping to save these gentle creatures from hideous cruelty.

Adelaide's Port river dolphins have also benefited from his kind-hearted money-raising efforts in the past.

He has raised thousands of dollars over the years thanks to the generosity of singles who appreciate his efforts in helping them to enjoy a rewarding and fulfilling social life.

A fair crowd attended on last Sunday. It was a warm day and the Clipsal 500 touring car race was the hot event of the weekend. To ensure that rev-heads weren't disadvantaged the race broadcast was displayed on a super-sized screen.

The usual requirement is for guests to bring a plate of food of some sort and the spread is always impressive.

Richard will hold another animal charity fundraiser party on Easter Sunday, 12th April.

Richard our host
Smiles from Lesley
Jim enjoyed the sunshine
Nick & Marlene
Nick & Marlene