Brian & Deralee

Brian & Deralee at Helen's NYE party
Richard's Party

Gentlemen guests at Richard's animal charity fundraiser party
Richard's Party

Party mode at Richard's animal charity fundraiser party
Richard's Party

Enjoying the day
Richard's Party

Pretty in pink

Steve livens the party up

Over 5000 network members since 26/05/2000!


Singles Networking is:-

- a good alternative to the pub and bar scene

- a great way to meet new friends of both sexes

- generally inexpensive

- more reliable than dating-specific events.

- you don't have to be there to find a new partner

- offers a wide range of events to choose from


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Rock & Roll With Gareth

West Lakes Tennis Club
21 Edwin Street, West Lakes

Wednesday Nights
7.30 PM.
Rock & Roll Dance Lessons. Cost $5. Learn Gareth's light-arm style of Rock 'n' Roll.
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Gareth & Jeryl

Regular Function Hosts

This page introduces you some of the people who regularly place functions on the Going Places With Gareth Program. They are all volunteers who freely give their time or open their homes to others in the community spirit of bringing enjoyment to themselves and others. They are to be commended for their efforts and deserve maximum support for what they do.


Warwick Warwick co-ordinates group visits to see Arthouse movies at cinemas such as the Nova and Palace in Rundle Street and the Trak at Burnside. These are off mainstream movies and are usually a much more emotive and in-depth study of human existence than the big box office offerings. His group has been running since 23/10/2001 with events roughly each fortnight, almost always on Tuesday nights. Movie start times are usually around 7 PM. On occasions with a later start he arranges a meeting for dinner for those who are interested, otherwise he simply meets attendees in the cinema lobby. Afterwards those who wish may stay on for coffee and conversation at a nearby cafe. Warwick needs those who are going to let him know, so the exact movie and cinema details are not usually placed in the Going Places With Gareth Program, just the date of the next movie. He runs an email list in which he advertises to his group regulars. You can contact Warwick to join him at a movie or join his email list on 83637424, 0412823815 or e-mail


Helen Helen loves a party and what better place to hold it than in the cosy and secluded backyard of her Oaklands Park home. Its big enough to hold over a hundred people and if the weather is warm the large swimming pool is available for cooling off in. Being a willing host with bubbly personality, her party parties are always lots of fun. We set aside an area for dancing and keep the right music going all night long, so if you come be sure to bring your dancing shoes. You'll have a brilliant time.


Helene1 Helene loves to host parties at her beautiful Glenside home. She hosts Shared Lunches and barbecues several times each year. On Christmas Day 1994 and 1995 she opened her home for an evening barbecue to accommodate those who either had no-one to visit or those who, having finished visiting, felt like the company of some other single people. Helene is also a regular volunteer at functions. Her kind assistance helps to make our network run smoothly.


James James loves a party and the best way to enjoy a party and have a few drinks is to hold it in your own backyard. His Prospect home has been the scene of many singles events over the years with the magnificent landscaped gardens providing a delightful setting for a Saturday night BBQ/house party or a Sunday lunch. We have had as many as 110 guests in his home, but on other occasions forty has been a very comfortable number. On some occasions parties have been fundraisers for charity. James is a professional landscape gardener specialising in water effects and low voltage lighting. He can be contacted on 0413456606.


Richard Richard's wonderful entertainer's backyard at Edwardstown has been the scene of many singles parties over the years. It features a large swimming pool, generous spa, a sizeable rumpus room which makes a perfect dance area and a tree-studded setting which provides a delightful ambience for socialising. Whether its a Sunday afternoon shared lunch or a big Saturday night house party, 100 people fit very comfortably. Richard is an animal lover who works as a volunteer with the Adelaide Zoo, so he likes to raise funds for animal charities. In the last few years many hundreds of dollars have been raised through his party efforts with money donated to the Adelaide Zoo, the Chinese Moon Bear rescue appeal and the Port River dolphins.